Goodness Through Discomfort

June this year started with a flood, literally, as 5 inches of rain in a few hours identified the path of least resistance to be one that led into the crawl space where the well pump comes into the basement.  After a soggy spring, all that water finally wanted some time inside to dry off.  We bailed the water with an old ice cream pail, stretched out sore backs from too much crouching in small spaces and hung the old wet towels in the utility sink to drip at their leisure.  When the sun came back out, we went outside to see how the rest of the area fared after the storms.

Despite the inconvenience of water where we don’t want it, all of the rain has given the newly planted tomatoes, peppers, squash, melons, chard, strawberries and brussels sprouts the moisture they crave as they dig their roots into new homes of field soil and lay claim to abundant growth in the months ahead.   The older strawberry plants and blueberry bushes are bigger than ever and full of little white flowers that can’t wait to turn into berries.  The garlic that was planted last fall is knee high and thinks more and more about sending scapes skyward with each passing day.  Apple and cherry blossoms have come and gone, and the asparagus continues to send out new shoots.  And the shoots we let grow rapidly contribute to a developing forest, despite the persistence of a small asparagus beetle army.  There are Indian corn infants and canna bulbs, gifted from some neighbors, starting to poke through the ebony soil, and Grandma K’s lilies are vibrant green and more abundant than ever.  The lake is full to the brim and the air is constantly humming with birds and frogs telling their stories and marking this space as theirs to share.

So June is starting with soggy ground and soiled towels, threats of mold and the need for more mulch.  We humans find discomfort in the inconvenience of too much rain all at once, and the plants simply let it fall and drink up the goodness it can leave behind.   The earth gives thanks for the cycles and helps us to remember why we chose this way of life, and what it can bring when we notice the abundance that is possible.


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